We congratulate AYODEJI AYOMIKUN for his brilliant and outstanding performances in the 2015 October/November IGCSE with A* in the following English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Additional Mathematics, Geography, Economics, ICT and French.

And straight A`s (A1) in the 2016 May/June WASSCE in all the subjects listed above including Civic Education.
We thank God for his grace upon your life. Continue to shine forth.

Redeemer's International Secondary School,

With the kind of secondary schools my husband and I attended in those years and seeing what many schools and the education system have become in recent years, we needed a school with an international standard; not particularly in terms of buildings, but curriculum.


Permit me to stress that I in particular became so paranoid and picky about schools for my children for reasons not far-fetched. I attended the American-founded Comprehensive High School Ayetoro in present day Ogun State where getting into the school was based purely on Excellent Academic Performance; a school where we had everything and all things perfectly in place and a school that exposed me to international exchange programmes.


To the Glory of God all my children attended the Redeemer’s International Secondary School (RISS) Maryland, Lagos Nigeria and honestly, from the time the first one got in till the time the last one completed his secondary school education, I never regretted my choice.


RISS is unapologetically a Christian School. When I read through their mission and vision statements respectively thus:

‘To establish an ideal Comprehensive Secondary School that produces well rounded and independent citizens through a broad based functional Christian Education’

‘To prepare a people for the Lord’

I knew I was definitely following the leading of the Holy Spirit. My experience throughout our journey at RISS has been tremendously wonderful and it amazes me how fast and versatile the children have grown in wisdom and knowledge.

I noticed that at RISS both the education curriculum and Christianity are held in highest esteem, none is left for the other. RISS is a school that helps recognize and develop individual talents and skills: From my experience, RISS is known for bringing up and churning out multi-talented and multi-skilled students… when God said at creation that we should be fruitful and multiply (Gen. 1:28), I am sure that apart from procreation, He was also thinking of the multiplication of our talents and skills. If not, we would not have multiplicity of professions; we would all just be in our little corners minding our businesses on the farms, and tending to our few animals to feed just our various families.

The RISS that I know partners with the Holy Spirit and I want to believe that is why they are able to do the things they do, almost effortlessly. The school and the students have been able to achieve some uncommon feats… all thanks and adoration to Christ the Solid Rock.

Over the years, I have seen my children grow in Christian virtues that are almost dwindling in this present generation: Discipline, Loyalty, Integrity, Fear of God, Hard work, Dedication, Humility, Love, Respect for people and country etc.

They are focused in all that God has placed in their hands to do. I am an advocate of the inseparable “marriage” between the home and school... what I mean is if parents do their bits to complement the other bit of the school, the result is always wonderful! And this is what RISS preaches… parents should not be too busy to be involved in every stage of their children’s education.

There is no describing the joy of fulfillment a parent has when you see your child or children preach the very Gospel that brings Good and Great News to the whole world and they still excel in their various academic pursuits and professions. I really do not have enough words to express my joy and thanks to God but He, the Discerner of the heart knows how grateful I am. I sincerely wish and hope that parents would avail themselves the opportunity this school offers.

Let GO and let GOD.

Thank you and God bless you

Mrs. Folashade Ayodeji,